Surefire SFI-15 AR Multi-Cal Polymer Complete Lower Receiver

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Surefire SFI-15 AR Multi-Cal Polymer Complete Lower Receiver

The SureFire Institute is on the worldwide forefront of advanced tactical training, and focuses to install proficiency through safety. SFI, in conjunction with E3 Arms, have brought this same concept to this platform and have created the safest AR-15 platform available today.

They took a hard look at the internal firing mechanism and redesigned it to not only improve the trigger pull and reset, but also allow the safety selector switch to be engaged whether the hammer is forward or in the firing position. It can be stored with the safety on, no matter what condition the rifle is in. The safety can also be engaged in the event of a malfunction, continuing to reinforce the improved safety enhancements that we have integrated into the SFI-15. This lightweight lower improves the safety and overall durability of the AR-15 platform.


  • Multiple calibers supported
  • Manufactured from premium polymer
  • Black
  • Magazine not included
  • Tensile strength: 33500 psi
  • Tensile elongation: 2.5 - 3.5%
  • Flexural strength: 50000 psi
  • Weighs 1.1 lbs. (without buttstock)
  • Receiver marked with Surefire Institute logo as well as SFI-15 and Multi-Cal
  • Buffer tube and spring not included