INCOMPLETE Tara TM-9 9mm Pistol with 4.5" Barrel - Black

Tara Arms

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Barrel Length:
4.5 in
Number of Magazines:
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TM-9 Gunsmith Specials: An Unforeseen Opportunity

Before diving into the fascinating journey of the Tara TM-9 pistols, it's essential to highlight a unique offering: the TM-9 Gunsmith specials. These particular TM-9s were deemed irreparable, primarily due to the unavailability of parts. While the specific issues vary, the most common problems encountered include broken or missing triggers, absence of firing pins, broken recoil springs, cracks at trigger pins, missing magazine catches, and broken springs or take-down levers. It's noteworthy that very few of these specials had multiple issues. Available in Black and FDE (Flat Dark Earth), these are sold "AS IS," with a possibility that minor springs and pins could be missing. This situation presents a rare opportunity for enthusiasts and collectors to own a piece of this unique batch.

The Unexpected Journey of Tara TM-9 Pistols:

This batch of pistols originally sold by Tara to an overseas entity was never intended for the USA market. However, in an unforeseen turn of events, these pistols found their way into the United States through a series of unexpected sales and transfers. When the purchasing entity sold the pistols to a USA importer, who was unaware of the initial agreement, these TM-9s inadvertently entered the American market.

Once stateside, the entire batch was acquired by Gander Outdoors and subsequently inspected by America's Gunsmith Shop. Gander Outdoors, in their quest to offer quality firearms, listed the pistols on as "Used Tara TM-9 Pistol, Black, 9mm - $329.99".

Original Description by Gander Outdoors:

Gander Outdoors provided a detailed description, highlighting the TM-9’s exceptional features. This semi-automatic service pistol boasts the latest in firearm technology, focusing on quality, precision, durability, and safety. Its notable characteristics include an anti-corrosive slide, high-capacity double-stack magazines, and Picatinny rails for tactical light mounting. The DARE Trigger system, along with other internal safety mechanisms, ensures maximum safety and effectiveness.

A Twist in the Tale:

The saga took another turn when Gander Outdoors decided to exit the firearms business. Concurrently, Tara, upon discovering the unexpected sale of their pistols in America, issued a statement critical of the batch. This series of events led to a halt in sales, driven by internet speculation and market dynamics.

A Remarkable Offering:

In the wake of these developments, the importer, looking to move the inventory, has presented a remarkable offer. These inspected firearms, including a 17-round magazine and a spare factory magazine valued at $25, along with a soft case, are now available at an astonishing price of $184.99. This unique situation provides firearm enthusiasts with a rare opportunity to acquire a piece of this intriguing batch of Tara TM-9 pistols, each with its own story to tell.