Used Tara TM-9 9mm Pistol with 4.5" Barrel

Tara Arms

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Here are the specs

Number of Magazines:
Barrel Length:
4.5 in

Here's the scoop on these Tara TM-9 pistols.

This batch of pistols was originally sold by Tara to an overseas entity that agreed NOT to sell this batch into the USA market. To everyone's shock, the purchasing entity sold the pistols to a USA importer who was unaware of this agreement and imported them in. When received, the importer sold the entire batch to Gander Outdoors, who had them inspected by their entity "America's Gunsmith Shop". Gander Outdoors listed them on as "Used Tara TM-9 Pistol, Black, 9mm - $329.99". Here's the link

This is the Description posted by Gander Outdoors.

"Professionally inspected at America's Gunsmith Shop! The Tara TM-9 semi-automatic service pistol combines the latest developments and features of cutting-edge firearm technology with regard to quality standards, precision, durability, and the strictest safety requirements. The extremely hard and anti-corrosive slide can be disconnected from the polymer lower receiver without the need to pull the trigger. This can be considered an additional passive safety – just like the pistol's ability to allow consecutive striker actions (real double action) without the need to rack the slide. State-of-the-art characteristics like anti-corrosive surface protection, high-capacity double-stack magazines, and Picatinny rails to mount tactical lights are the answer to the requirements of modern forces. In addition, the TM-9 features an ambidextrous magazine release button and a special lanyard connection point to cover all possible scenarios. The DARE Trigger system allows for fast and simple training of new users and for a smooth transition for those who come from old conventional systems, in order to reach maximum safety and effectiveness with minimum effort and costs. Trigger SystemThe Tara trigger operation is striker-fired and the special DARE System (Double Action Rapid Engagement) resets the firing-pin after a 3mm release of the trigger. This allows fast precision taps after the first round fired in Double Action. The trigger pull of 2.8 kg (6.2 lbs.) is comparably soft for a DA system. There is no need to pull the trigger in order to disassemble the firearm. This helps to prevent accidental discharges during cleaning procedures. Two additional internal safeties include a firing pin safety and a firing pin reset spring.More Features• 22mm Low Bore Axis for felt recoil reduction and fast target acquisition after every round• Barrel and slide are machined from solid stainless steel bars with special surface treatment• Comes with two 17-round magazines with special anti-friction coating for speed and durability• Rigid, ergonomic polymer frame for weight reduction• Steel 3-dot sights• Extended extractor is a visual and tactile chamber indicator• Built-in armorer's tool• Interchangeable grip for adjusting to individual shooter's handSpecificationsCondition: UsedSystem: Double Action Rapid EngagementCaliber: 9 mmLength: 7.4" / 187mmHeight: 5.5" / 139mmWidth: 1.2" / 30mmLine of Sight: 6.5" / 165mmBarrel Length: 4.4" / 113mmRifling: Right 6 GroovesTwist: 9.8" / 250mmMagazine Capacity: 17 RoundsWeight (empty): 26.5 oz. / 750gWeight (loaded): 33.5 oz. / 950gBore Axis: 0.87" / 22mmTrigger Distance Grip: 2.9" / 73mmTrigger Travel: 0.39" / 10mmTrigger Pull: 5.5 - 7.7 lbs. / 2.5 - 3.5 kg
MPN#: 499940999492
Item No. 737290"

Soon after Gander Outdoors inspects all the firearms and lists them for sale, Gander Outdoors decides to discontinue firearms. During this same time frame, the manufacturer Tara finds out their batch of pistols has "Landed in America" and now they're upset.  So what happens next, Gander calls the importer and says we need to return the pistols as we're no longer in the firearms business, and at the same time, the manufacturer puts out a statement bashing their own product, see the link to their website regarding these firearms. You cannot make this stuff up... So time passes, and the guns sell very slowly, the internet gurus do their thing to get attention, and the sales of these guns come to a halt. The importer has sat on these items long enough and decides it's time to call the "STACK'em DEEP and SELL'em CHEAP" guys. So here we are, offering an inspected firearm way below cost, including a 17rd magazine in the firearm and a spare 17rd  factory magazine ($25 value) with a soft case all for $184.99.

Missing your TM-9 Manual? Click here to get yours!

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    Tara TM 9 is a great handgun

    Posted by Keri M. on Oct 25th 2023

    Was a little wary of the price, but decided to get one any way. Research it on youtube which I do for all my buys. When I received it, it came in a soft Tara gun case and two magazines and in good condition. Took it to the range and it shot really well, only has a long long trigger pull. Fun to shoot and will recommend it .

  • 5
    Great Deal

    Posted by Keri M. on Oct 25th 2023

    Great deal for the price. The Tara TM 9 is a fun gun to shoot, first shot has the long long trigger pull Then it’s easier to shoot. I am glad I got one and planning on some fun times on the shooting range.When I picked it up it was in great condition, came in a nice soft Tara case and two magazines. Worth the money.Recommend getting on for your collection.

  • 5
    second one

    Posted by Rejean S. on Sep 30th 2023

    listen people you are buying a 184 dollar gun,what else can you ask for fit and function worth more than that,not to mention it don'T jam get off your high horse people, great weapon, if you want an HK buy one, might have more money than you need,just saying.

  • 5
    is it any good.

    Posted by Rejean S. on Sep 12th 2023

    got it today inspected it,fit and finish top notch looked almost new, loaded it took it out and fired trigger decent locked up well good overall performance A+ didn't have a single ftf or ejection issue.better get one before they are gone I'm getting another soon.

  • 3
    Ammo dependent functioning

    Posted by James P. on Aug 29th 2023

    Ordered one to play with. Found it to function as shown on "Forgotten Weapons review". I did find that depending what ammunition you fed it had a lot to do with it's function. I fired one magazine (15rds) of the following: Winchester White Box 115gr FMJ - Function very inconsistent, slide would not always go to battery, many times hanging up almost completely in the rearward most position. Federal American Eagle 115gr FMJ - Function was almost identical to the WWB ammunition, however slide hangback was less severe. I did have one failure to eject which hung up keeping the slide from closing but not a stovepipe. ZQI 123gr FMJ - Operation was almost normal the slide did not hang up during operation. I did have a couple of times that the trigger did not completely reset and had to be pressed forward to be able to engage. Danish Military Surplus (AMA) - The Tara TM-9 ran it's best with this ammunition. Just the long trigger pull as is to be expected with this model. Lastly, I ordered two additional magazines for this handgun. I always load my mags and let them sit for a couple day to see how the springs will work. Tow out of the four would only accept 16 rounds not 17. When I downloaded the magazines I had two again where the followers would hang up allowing the rounds to jam in the mag body, this let any rounds above the jam just drop out when the mag was turned upside down. I will most likely try to run +P or +P+ through this firearm or maybe look into replacing the recoil spring. Accuracy at 25yds was acceptable.

  • 4
    Great Price for a Good Pistol

    Posted by Carlos C. on Aug 22nd 2023

    I got this pistol because of the price and recently took it to the range to test it out and here are some of my impressions. Pros- The gun is a full-sized, striker pistol that holds 17 rounds. It comes with two mags and is in near new condition. After you get used to the long trigger travel it breaks well and is fairly accurate. Cons- Horribly long trigger pull, like it takes a year to get to the point where it fires. If you have to use it you don't have an excuse that it just went off accidentally! Even though the mag release is ambidextrous it may or may not release the mag which is bad. As a result, I would not want to use this as a carry pistol that you would have to reload in a stressful situation. The slide release level is far from easy and takes someone with crazy thumb strength. Lastly, the take-down level is also difficult and requires the use of a flat head screw driver to help accomplish this task. In the end, it is what it is and is priced right for what you get. I am sure you can do some gun smithing to make it better and at the price you pay you won't hesitate to even try. There are better striker-fired pistols out there, like any police turn-ins, the Taurus G2/G# series, or any one of a dozen Turkish offerings. But if you want a gun you can play around with on the range and hone your skills on trying to make it perform better this is a good choice.

  • 5
    Great value Great Price

    Posted by Doug M. on Aug 15th 2023

    I bought several and all look new in box. First thing you notice is a long trigger pull on the first shot but if you release the trigger slightly you can rapidly fire. Let go of trigger completely and it goes back to the long draw trigger. Great truck gun. I would highly recommend on price and value!

  • 4
    Lots of hate, but YMMV like mine did

    Posted by Daniel K. on Aug 11th 2023

    There’s a lot of hate, mainly from people who haven’t held or shot one but mainly attributed to the OEM who tried to nuke these specific ones CFS has (look it up). My experience has been good - I think it is very comfortable, handles very well, and so far no issues in 250 rds fired. I will say there is a detectable struggle the last portion of lockup but it overcomes up fine. I think a small angle in the design is off. Otherwise it is well made, very comfortable and I really like it. Got two more mags and RTG. Btw, mine came in a hard case and not the Tara cloth zipper bag. No idea if this signifies anything. At this price point, totally worth the gamble.

  • 4
    Tara TM-9

    Posted by Silas B. on Aug 4th 2023

    Purchased in-store today. Pretty much an impulse buy. I asked if it came with 2 mags and was told it did. I had looked at the display and liked it. Didn't really look at the one I purchased, long time customer and never had a problem but I should have checked it out. That's on me. Looked at it in the car and saw it was missing a mag. Went back in and I was given a mag, I appreciated that because again I should have looked. Got home and saw in the manual it was supposed to have a cleaning kit and extra backstraps, hard to complain at the price but the backstraps would have been nice. Fit and finish is nice, as others said it looks like it was new. Long trigger pull. I will update My review after shooting it. Their was a warning in box to only fire rubber bullets, also return paperwork from an online gunstore. Hope to shoot it soon to put my uneasiness to rest.