Greek Military Classic 8mm Surplus Ammo - 1930s-40s Vintage, 15rd Box, 945rds per case


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Here are the specs

8mm Mauser
Bullet Type:
Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail
Case Type:
Rounds per Box:
Rounds per Case:
Bullet Weight:
198 Grain

Step back in time with each trigger pull using this authentic 8mm Mauser ammunition, originally produced for the Greek military in the pivotal era of the 1930s and 1940s. These military surplus rounds embody the resilience and history of a nation, each cartridge bearing the marks of a bygone era.

Loaded with 198-grain full metal jacket (FMJ) projectiles, these rounds are designed to comply with the standards set by the Hague Convention, ensuring reliability and consistency. The brass cases enhance the durability of the ammunition, while the meticulously sealed primers offer protection against moisture, preserving the integrity of the powder over time.

While economical, the Greek armed forces opted for Berdan primers to cut costs—this makes the cartridges a challenge to reload for those accustomed to Boxer primers. Collectors and historical enthusiasts will appreciate the care that must be taken with these distinctive rounds.

Each box contains 15 rounds, neatly packed, with the original headstamp "PCH" to authenticate their origins. With a total of 43 boxes in this collection, you can own a piece of military history or simply enjoy a firing experience that connects you to an earlier century.

Please be advised, this ammunition is corrosive, so it is imperative to follow thorough cleaning protocols after use to maintain your firearm's condition. Due to its surplus nature and long-term storage, we recommend handling this ammunition with the knowledge that it has been preserved in varying conditions through the decades.

Seize the opportunity to fire rounds steeped in history or to add a genuine relic to your collection with this Greek Military Classic 8mm Surplus Ammo. Whether for the range or for display, this ammunition is a tangible link to the past and a testament to the enduring craftsmanship of military ordinance.

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    Greek 8mm ammo

    Posted by Harry Weissinger on May 19th 2024

    The package was wrapped excellent. The ammo all appeared well preserved. Considering it was made in 1939 it appeared In excellent shape. I’ve shot 30 rounds so far out of a Yugo Mauser and only 2 didn’t go off. For the price I’m very happy with that. Expected some duds. So far so good. I’d buy it again. I’ll update the review after half of my 940 rounds are tried.

  • 5
    8 mm ammo

    Posted by MAC defense on May 4th 2024

    I have an MG 42 belt feed machine gun I’ve ran about 1000 rounds with no misfires.