Greek 8mm 1940 Surplus Ammo - 960 Round Case


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Here are the specs

Bullet Type:
Full Metal Jacket
Bullet Weight:
198 Grains
8mm Mauser
Case Type:
Rounds Per Box:

Introducing Greek 8mm 1940 Surplus Ammo in a substantial 960 Round Case, a treasure trove for military history enthusiasts and avid shooters alike. This ammunition, dating back to 1930s-1940s, carries with it the legacy of a bygone era, meticulously preserved and packaged for the modern firearm connoisseur. With reliable performance and historical significance, this surplus ammo case is a piece of living history, offering a unique shooting experience and a tangible connection to the past.

  • Also available in 20rd Box! Click HERE for more information.

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  • 5
    8mm Mauser surplus ammo

    Posted by Michael J. Hessock on May 8th 2024

    Great ammo. No issues. Sure fire

  • 3
    10% dud rate on this Greek ammo

    Posted by James Elek on Mar 22nd 2024

    Bought a 960 rd case of this ammo. Have only shot 4 boxes so far out of 3 different rifles - a k98 and 2 Turkish Mausers, 1st box 1 dud, 2nd box 3 duds, 3rd box 2 duds, 4th box i dud for an average of 2 rds per box or 10% dud rate. Talked to customer service and they aren't making any allowance for extra rds to compensate. Still it's a decent deal just not as good as I hoped. Still fairly accurate after 85 years when they do fire, Also it is Berdan primed and not reloadable brass.

  • 4
    Greek 8mm ammo

    Posted by dean on Mar 4th 2024

    Bought some of this Greek ammo shot 100 rounds out of those 100 rounds four did not go off three hang fires and twenty or so needed second time to go off .

  • 5
    Finally good 8mm ammo

    Posted by George on Mar 4th 2024

    Shoots well. No hang fires and shoots very well. Good job Centerfire

  • 4
    Greek 8mm

    Posted by Andy on Feb 16th 2024

    Ammunition is good, clean, and reliable. I have only experienced one or two misfires in several hundred rounds. Even though this is brass case the cases ARE NOT reloadable, its all berdan primed.

  • 3
    8mm 40s greek surplus

    Posted by Rob on Dec 26th 2023

    Almost half of the case was 38 dated boxes and headstamps, the rest was 40 dated boxes with 39 dated headstamps. Not a single 1940 dated round in the case. Was told they didn't check every box and I could return it if I wasn't satisfied

  • 4
    Looks like good stuff

    Posted by Gregory on Dec 24th 2023

    All 1938 dated and in great shape. Packed well my centerfire and it all should be sure fire ammo

  • 3
    Decent, hard primers

    Posted by Alex Leduc on Dec 23rd 2023

    40% roughly required a second primer strike. Roughly 3% hangfires. Only shot about 140 rounds so far, no duds yet. Very similar to Ethiopian and Egyptian 8mm. Not as dirty.

  • 5
    Greek Ammo

    Posted by James on Dec 22nd 2023

    Excellent quality ammo, some light oxidation on cases but otherwise ammo is in excellent condition.