AK-47 Gas Piston


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Alloy Steel
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  1. Location: The gas piston is part of the AK-47's bolt carrier assembly. It is positioned above the bolt and is directly impinged upon by the expanding gases produced during the firing of a cartridge.

  2. Piston Head: The gas piston typically has a piston head that receives the force of the expanding gases. This force drives the piston rearward, initiating the cycling of the rifle's action.

  3. Operating System: The AK-47 operates on a long-stroke piston system. When a cartridge is fired, gas is tapped from the barrel and directed to the gas block, where it impinges on the gas piston. The piston, in turn, impels the bolt carrier rearward to cycle the action.

  4. Material: Gas pistons are commonly made from steel or other durable materials. The choice of material is essential for withstanding the high temperatures and pressures generated during firing.

  5. Maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance of the gas piston are crucial for the reliable function of the AK-47. Carbon buildup and fouling can affect the piston's movement and may lead to malfunctions.

  6. Piston Extension: The piston extends into the gas tube, transferring energy to the bolt carrier group. The movement of the gas piston is a key element in the rifle's self-loading action.

  7. Replaceable Component: In some AK-47 designs, the gas piston is a replaceable component. Over time, if there is excessive wear or damage, the gas piston may need to be replaced to maintain proper function.

  8. Compatibility: While the basic design of the gas piston is standardized across AK-47 rifles, there may be variations in manufacturing tolerances. When replacing the gas piston, users should ensure compatibility with their specific AK-47 model.

  9. Heat Resistance: The gas piston must be able to withstand high temperatures generated during firing without deforming or losing structural integrity.

  10. User-Friendly Maintenance: The gas piston is designed for straightforward removal and cleaning, contributing to the AK-47's reputation for simplicity and ease of maintenance.