AK-47 Pistol Gas Tube


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Here are the specs

Firearm Fit:
  1. Location: The gas tube is located above the barrel of the AK-47 and runs parallel to it. It connects the gas block, which is located near the front sight, to the upper receiver.

  2. Gas System: The AK-47 operates on a long-stroke gas piston system. After firing a round, a portion of the gases produced in the barrel is tapped and directed into the gas block. The gas impinges on the gas piston, which then drives the bolt carrier rearward to cycle the action.

  3. Material: The gas tube is typically made from steel or other durable materials. This choice of material is essential for withstanding the heat and pressure generated during firing.

  4. Length: The length of the gas tube varies depending on the specific AK-47 variant. There are different lengths for rifles, carbines, and pistol variants.

  5. Handguard Attachment: The gas tube often serves as the attachment point for the handguard (upper and lower). The handguard helps protect the shooter's hand from the heat generated during firing.

  6. Gas Tube Cover: Some AK-47 variants feature a gas tube cover, a protective cover that encases the gas tube. This cover helps shield the shooter's hand from the hot gas tube during sustained firing.

  7. Heat Resistance: The gas tube must be able to withstand high temperatures generated during firing without deforming or losing structural integrity.

  8. Cleaning and Maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance of the gas tube are essential to ensure the proper functioning of the AK-47. Carbon buildup and fouling can affect the gas piston's movement and may lead to malfunctions.

  9. User-Friendly Disassembly: The design of the AK-47 allows for relatively easy disassembly of the gas tube, facilitating cleaning and maintenance. This contributes to the rifle's reputation for simplicity and ease of use.

  10. Attachment to the Receiver: The rear end of the gas tube attaches to the upper receiver, typically via a lever or latch mechanism. This attachment secures the gas tube in place during firing.

The AK-47 Pistol Gas Tube is a critical component that plays a key role in the gas-operated cycling of the AK-47 rifle. Regular inspection and maintenance, including cleaning, are essential to ensure the reliable function of the gas tube and the overall performance of the firearm