US Repro WW2 Rough Out Service Boots - Size 8


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The US Reproduction (Repro) WW2 Rough Out Service Boots in Size 8 are modern reproductions inspired by the World War II-era military footwear. These boots aim to replicate the design and style of the original boots worn by soldiers during that historical period. Here's a description of what you might expect:

Design: The WW2 Rough Out Service Boots typically feature a roughout leather upper, which is suede or nubuck leather that has the flesh side out. This type of leather provides a distinctive appearance and is known for its durability. The boots may have a lace-up design with eyelets and speed hooks for easy and secure lacing.

Color: The roughout leather is often tan or brown, reflecting the traditional military color scheme from the World War II era. The distressed or rough appearance of the leather gives the boots an authentic vintage look.

Construction: These reproduction boots are often crafted using modern materials and construction techniques to ensure comfort and durability. They may have a Goodyear welt construction for resoling and extended longevity.

Size: The Size 8 designation indicates the available size for these boots. It's important to ensure that the chosen size fits comfortably, as footwear sizing can vary between brands and styles.

Authenticity: While these boots are reproductions, they are designed to closely resemble the original WW2 service boots. Attention to detail in terms of design elements, color, and construction aims to capture the essence of the historical military footwear.

Whether you're a reenactor, collector, or simply someone who appreciates the classic military style, these US Repro WW2 Rough Out Service Boots in Size 8 offer a blend of vintage aesthetics with modern comfort and durability.