Swiss Wooden Chopping Block w/ OD Case - Used


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Here are the specs


Chopping Block: The chopping block is likely made of wood, known for its durability and resistance to cutting marks. It provides a sturdy and stable surface for food preparation, chopping, and slicing. The wood may have acquired a seasoned or worn appearance over time, which adds character to the block.

Olive Drab Case: The Olive Drab Case, or OD Case, suggests a military or utilitarian aesthetic. The case could be made of durable fabric or canvas in an olive drab color, which is a common military shade. The case serves the purpose of protecting and transporting the chopping block, making it convenient for outdoor use or storage.

Used Condition: The "Used" designation indicates that both the chopping block and the case have seen previous use. This may include signs of wear, scratches, dings, or other indications of age and use. The condition could vary, and it's advisable to check for specific details provided by the seller regarding any wear or imperfections.

Military Influence: The combination of a wooden chopping block with an OD case suggests a military or camping influence. Such items are often associated with field kitchens, outdoor cooking, or military mess kits.

Versatility: The portable nature of the chopping block and the inclusion of a case make it suitable for various settings, including camping trips, outdoor events, or as a unique and functional piece in your kitchen.

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    Nice art folder, poor cutting board

    Posted by Steven C. on Oct 16th 2022

    Sold as a cutting board, but is actually an artillery plotting board/case. The included board *could* be used to cut things on, but it's not sealed and comes pre-stained with something (see photo). OTOH, it makes a great folder for artwork, drawing table, etc.: BIG with multiple pockets for pencils, brushes, etc.