Stock Set AK Wood w/CAI 50th Anniv. Logo - Italian Mfg. ⠀


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Introducing the Stock Set AK Wood with CAI 50th Anniversary Logo - Italian Manufacturing (Model 2843). Elevate the allure of your AK rifle with this exquisitely crafted wood stock set, proudly manufactured in Italy to embody the renowned artistry of Italian craftsmanship.

Every element, from the handguard to the pistol grip, reflects precision and superior design synonymous with Italian manufacturing. The warm wood finish adds a touch of classic elegance to your AK, while the exclusive CAI 50th Anniversary Logo pays homage to a half-century of excellence from Century Arms International (CAI).

Designed for a flawless fit and enduring durability, this stock set seamlessly merges form and function. Upgrade your AK rifle with the Stock Set AK Wood featuring the CAI 50th Anniversary Logo, expertly crafted in Italy (Model 2843). Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Century Arms International while enjoying the superior quality and design offered by Italian craftsmanship. Elevate your firearm with this unique stock set that harmoniously blends tradition and innovation, commemorating a significant milestone in firearms history.