Brugger & Thomet PSL/FPK 7.62x54R B&T Quick Detachable (QD) Mount

Brugger & Thomet

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Introducing the Brugger & Thomet PSL/FPK 7.62x54R Quick Detachable (QD) Mount—an exceptional accessory designed to elevate the versatility and functionality of your rifle. Crafted by Brugger & Thomet, renowned for precision engineering and innovation, this QD mount offers a seamless and secure attachment for optics, ensuring swift and reliable transitions in the field.

Constructed from high-quality materials, this mount is built to withstand the rigors of demanding environments, providing a durable and stable platform for your preferred optics. The Quick Detachable feature allows for rapid installation and removal of your optic, offering the flexibility to adapt to different shooting scenarios.

Designed specifically for PSL/FPK 7.62x54R rifles, this B&T QD Mount ensures a precise fit and compatibility with your firearm. The mount is engineered with attention to detail, providing a robust solution for attaching optics without compromising the integrity of your rifle.

Whether you're a professional marksman or an avid enthusiast, the Brugger & Thomet PSL/FPK 7.62x54R QD Mount is a must-have accessory for enhancing the performance and adaptability of your firearm. Invest in quality and innovation with B&T, and experience the seamless integration of optics with your PSL/FPK rifle. Elevate your shooting experience with the precision and reliability of Brugger & Thomet.