PPS43 2 pcs Cleaning Rod


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PPS43 Cleaning Rod

The PPS43 2-piece Cleaning Rod is a compact and essential accessory designed for cleaning and maintenance of the PPS-43 submachine gun. This cleaning rod consists of two separate sections that can be screwed together to form a single rod for cleaning the barrel of the firearm.

Made from durable materials such as steel or aluminum, the cleaning rod is sturdy enough to effectively remove fouling, debris, and residue from the barrel bore. Its compact size allows for convenient storage in the weapon's cleaning kit or carrying pouch.

To use the PPS43 cleaning rod, simply attach the two sections together to form a single rod. Then, affix a cleaning patch or brush to the end of the rod and insert it into the barrel. By pushing the rod through the barrel, you can effectively clean out any buildup or deposits, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy of the firearm.

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for preserving the reliability and longevity of the PPS-43 submachine gun. The inclusion of a cleaning rod in the weapon's kit allows operators to perform routine maintenance tasks quickly and efficiently, ensuring the firearm remains in top condition.

Overall, the PPS43 2-piece Cleaning Rod is a simple yet indispensable tool for maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of the PPS-43 submachine gun. Whether for military, law enforcement, or civilian use, having a reliable cleaning rod on hand is essential for proper firearm maintenance.


  • Cleaning rod for Polish PPS43
  • 2 pieces