Original Malaysian Steyr Aug 5.56x45 Stock, Bolt, and Trigger Pack - Left Handed - Surplus - Good Condition

Steyr Arms

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Here are the specs

5.56x45mm NATO
Country of Mfg.:
Firearm Fit:
Steyr Aug

Product Description

These LEFT-hand parts kits are the real deal and increasingly hard to come by! The parts have been taken from original fully automatic AUG rifles — no modifications have been made to them for semi-automatic firing, so these kits are great for replacement parts & accessories!

  • Parts kits include:
    • Stock with buttstock pad and takedown pin 
    • Trigger Pack!
    • Complete Bolt assembly (No Left Handed Bolts)
    • Barrel Grip attached to torch cut piece of barrel
  • Select fire trigger pack can be switched between full auto and 3 round burst
  • Stock and metal parts will show wear
  • Please Note: Modification(s) may be required to function correctly and safely in a semi-automatic rifle

  • Safety Notice: Parts must be inspected and tested by a qualified and competent gunsmith or armorer before use in a firearm. Not all firearm parts are interchangeable; use of surplus parts without proper knowledge could cause a firearm to malfunction and cause property damage, injury or death. These parts have been taken from fully automatic weapons, and no modifications have been made for semi-automatic.

  • Restrictions Notice: This product has been restricted in some states. Always consult you local laws and ordinances prior to checkout. All NFA Rules apply!