Original Colt AR .223 M16A1 Parts Kit - Vietnam Issue - Grade A

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Original Colt AR .223 M16A1 Parts Kit - Vietnam Issue - Grade A

Grade A - Stock is in good serviceable condition. Butt plate may have a crack. Triangle handguard is in fair to good condition. Metal parts are fair to good.

These Colt M16A1 Kits can be used to turn an existing AR-15 rifle into a vintage looking M16. These kits can also be used as a replacement parts set for an existing M16A1 rifle. Upper receiver and bolt are complete.


  • Original Triangular Handguard
  • Original Tear Drop Forward Assist
  • Original Complete Upper Receiver with Handle
  • The letter 'C' on the Complete BCG


  • Vietnam-era original Colt M16A1
  • Kit is complete except for lower receiver and barrel
  • Stock is in good serviceable condition
  • Butt plate may be cracked
  • Triangle handguard is in fair to good condition
  • All small parts included in clear organizer
  • All parts are serviceable
  • BCG is Colt marked

Kit includes:

  • A1 complete upper with carrying handle assembly with rear sight windage drum, tear drop forward assist assembly and ejection port cover assembly
  • Trigger, trigger pin and trigger spring
  • Trigger guard assembly
  • Hammer, hammer pin and hammer spring
  • Semi-auto disconnect
  • Complete bolt and bolt carrier assembly
  • Charging handle, latch, latch pin and spring
  • Magazine release button, catch and spring
  • Bolt catch
  • Take down pins, rear and front, with spring and detents
  • Receiver pivot pin and screw
  • Buttstock with rear swivel assembly, buffer tube, buffer spring and buffer assembly
  • Pistol grip, grip screw and lock washer
  • Safety/selector lever
  • Bolt catch paddle
  • Front site base and bayonet lug assembly/gas port with forward sling swivel and taper pin
  • Gas tube and pin
  • Flash hider and crush washer
  • Upper and lower handguard
  • Triangular handguard cap
  • Handguard delta ring with snap ring