Imperial M14 Vietnam Era Bayonet - Used

Imperial Knife Co.

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Here are the specs

Firearm Fit:
Blade Length:
6.75 In

The Imperial M14 Vietnam Era Bayonet is a historically significant and collectible edged weapon associated with the M14 rifle during the Vietnam War era. Manufactured by Imperial Knife Company, this bayonet served as a standard issue for U.S. military forces equipped with the M14 rifle during that period.

Key features of the Imperial M14 Vietnam Era Bayonet include:

  1. Blade Design: The bayonet typically features a 6.75-inch (17.15 cm) blade with a spear point or Bowie-style design. The blade is often made from high-carbon steel, providing durability and strength.

  2. Full Tang Construction: The blade is attached to a full tang, ensuring sturdiness and reliability. The tang extends through the handle, contributing to the overall strength of the bayonet.

  3. Muzzle Ring and Bayonet Lug: The bayonet is designed to fit onto the M14 rifle's muzzle, utilizing a muzzle ring and a bayonet lug for secure attachment. This feature allows the bayonet to serve as both a close-quarters combat tool and a utility knife.

  4. Handle Construction: The handle is commonly made from durable materials such as checkered plastic or polymer, providing a secure grip for the user. It may also feature a crossguard for added safety.

The Imperial M14 Vietnam Era Bayonet has become a sought-after collector's item due to its historical significance and association with the Vietnam War. Enthusiasts and collectors often appreciate these bayonets for their craftsmanship and connection to a pivotal period in military history.