HK G3 FMP 7.62x51mm Parts Kit w/Bayonet - Good Condition


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308 Winchester

The FMP (Fábrica Militar de Portugal) rifle, specifically the FMP G3, is closely associated with the Heckler & Koch G3 battle rifle design. It was produced under license in Portugal and served as the main battle rifle for the Portuguese military for many years.

Historical Context and Use:

  1. Colonial Wars (1961-1974): This period saw Portugal engaged in conflicts in its African colonies, notably Angola, Mozambique, and Guinea-Bissau. The FMP G3 was used extensively by the Portuguese Armed Forces during these wars. These conflicts, often referred to as the "Portuguese Colonial War" or "African Wars", were fought against various indigenous guerrilla movements seeking independence from Portuguese colonial rule.

  2. Post-Colonial Era: After the Colonial Wars and the subsequent Carnation Revolution in 1974, Portugal began transitioning to democracy, and its overseas colonies gained independence. The FMP G3 continued to serve in the Portuguese Armed Forces in the post-colonial era but saw less combat action given the nation's changing geopolitical circumstances.

The FMP G3 was eventually phased out in favor of more modern designs, but it played a significant role during its service years. Notably, it's essential to mention that while the rifle was a significant tool in the Portuguese military's arsenal, its association with the controversial colonial wars makes it a poignant symbol in the context of 20th-century Portuguese history.

Up until 2021, the FMP G3 saw its primary combat usage during the Colonial Wars. For a more detailed account of its use in specific battles or units, specialized books or archives on the Portuguese Colonial Wars might provide more insights.


HK FMP Surplus G3 parts kits, which contain all the parts from a functional HK G3 full auto rifle, except for the barrel and receiver. These kits are being offered due to BATFE import restrictions that prevent the import of barrels and receivers.

For individuals who own an HK91, G3, or are working on a custom HK build, these parts kits could be a cost-effective way to acquire spare parts for their firearms.

If you are interested in purchasing these parts kits, you should act quickly since there are limited quantities available. Be sure to check the legality of owning and assembling firearms in your location, as laws and regulations can vary by country, state, or region. Additionally, ensure you are complying with all relevant laws and regulations when dealing with firearms and their parts.

Each G3 FMP kit comes with the following HK parts:

  • HK FMP Full auto bolt carrier complete
  • HK FMP date coded bolt head with all parts installed
  • HK locking piece, firing pin, and spring
  • HK G3 rear sight assembly and all mounting hardware is still attached to the saw cut piece
  • HK paddle & push-button magazine assembly complete
  • HK push pins 2 large, 2 small (stock, forearm, lower)
  • HK Cocking tube with the cocking handle assembly
  • HK Trunion with barrel pin
  • HK Front sight triple frame, grenade launching ring, sling loop
  • HK birdcage flash hider with retaining ring
  • HK SEF full auto metal trigger group complete
  • HK German OD green stock with backplate, buffer assembly, central stock section & buttpad
  • HK OD Green pistol grip & Slimline Forearm with heat shield
  • G3 Bayonet w/scabbard. Bayonet is in fair condition