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The German G3 Vinyl Pouch Cleaning Kit is an essential accessory designed for maintaining and cleaning the G3 rifle, a widely used battle rifle in various military forces. This cleaning kit typically includes a set of tools and components necessary for the proper care and upkeep of the G3 firearm.

The vinyl pouch serves as a durable and protective case for the cleaning kit items. It is designed to keep the tools organized, secure, and easily transportable, providing users with a convenient solution for on-the-go maintenance.

Inside the pouch, you can expect to find cleaning brushes, rods, patches, and other tools tailored to the specific needs of the G3 rifle. These tools are crucial for removing fouling, debris, and ensuring the overall cleanliness and functionality of the firearm.

The German G3 Vinyl Pouch Cleaning Kit is an essential accessory for firearm enthusiasts, military personnel, or anyone who owns a G3 rifle. Regular use of the cleaning kit helps maintain the rifle's performance, reliability, and longevity by preventing build-up and ensuring smooth operation.


  • Oil Bottle
  • 3 Brushes
  • Cleaning Tube

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    Great Delayed Roller Cleaning Kits

    Posted by Stu on Feb 10th 2024

    If you have an HK or PTR weapon, this is the kit for you. The kit will go over a belt, and there is enough space in the kit for patches, etc. I bought several for myself and friends.