G3 Bayonet w/Scabbard, 12 Groove, Recessed Cut - Good


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Here are the specs

Blade length:
6.5 in
Firearm fit:

Introducing the highly sought-after HK G3 BAYONET, a remarkable German-manufactured artifact, distinguished by its early straight handle with a recess cut specifically designed to accommodate for the muzzle brake. The integration of this unique feature reveals the precision and thoughtful engineering that defines this iconic weapon.

Featuring a distinctive 12-groove pommel, this bayonet stands as a testament to the meticulous German craftsmanship that went into its creation. Stored for many years, these bayonets have been preserved in Good condition, maintaining their original allure and functionality.

The accompanying scabbard, crafted from resilient plastic, showcases a striking wood grain pattern, adding to the authenticity and visual appeal of this piece. This nuanced detail serves to elevate the bayonet's aesthetic, making it a prized addition to any collection.

Highly collectible and with limited availability, the HK G3 BAYONET represents a significant era in military innovation. Its specially crafted handle, designed to fit seamlessly with the muzzle brake, sets it apart from other models, reflecting a keen attention to both form and function.

Whether adding to a collection or beginning a journey into the world of historical weaponry, the HK G3 BAYONET with its 12 GROOVE design and early straight handle with a recess cut for the muzzle brake is a must-have item. Secure this piece of German engineering mastery while supplies last and take pride in owning an artifact that continues to resonate with history and craftsmanship.