CETME Model C Rifle Armorer's Kit 7.62X51 - Used KIT_CETME_A

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Here are the specs


Original armorer's repair kit for Cetme Model C Rifles .308/7.62 NATO - Used.

A cool, old wooden suitcase filled with Cetme Rifle parts, tools, and cleaning accessories!
These Spanish Army issue kits vary in condition and content.
Small parts will vary.
These armorers kits typically have over 75 different parts/pieces/assemblies/tools, in varying quantities.

If these parts were purchased separately, they would cost much more!

Beware of shipping restrictions for your state because of mag capacities, etc.

As with all used gun parts, a qualified gunsmith or armorer should inspect before using.


Examples of the items listed in the inventory that you may receive:

  • Magazine Loader
  • Bolt Assembly
  • Forearm Assembly(s)
  • Cleaning Rod
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • 20 Round Magazine(s)
  • 5 Round Magazine(s)
  • Extractor(s)
  • Front Sight Tool
  • Recoil Spring(s)
  • Complete Fire Control Group
  • Firing pin(s)
  • Buttstock with Backplate & Buffer
  • Cleaning Kit(s)


These parts have been taken from fully automatic weapons, and no modifications have been made for semi-automatic.
Modification may be required to function correctly and safely in a semi-automatic rifle.