AK Semi-Auto Shepherds Hook (Axis Pin Retaining Wire)


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Firearm Fit:
AK Platform

"Shepherds Hook" wire used to retain the axis pins in semi-auto AKs. 

The AK Semi-Auto Shepherd's Hook, also known as the Axis Pin Retaining Wire, is a small but crucial component found in AK-47 rifles and their variants. This wire serves to retain the axis pins that secure several key components of the rifle, such as the trigger and hammer, within the receiver.

The design of the AK-47's receiver incorporates holes through which the axis pins are inserted to hold the trigger, hammer, and other components in place. The Shepherd's Hook is inserted through a small notch in each axis pin, ensuring that they remain in position and do not walk out of the receiver during firing or handling.

Functionally, the Shepherd's Hook prevents the axis pins from rotating or falling out due to the recoil and vibrations generated by firing the rifle. This ensures the proper functioning and reliability of the firearm by maintaining the alignment and stability of its internal components.

The AK Semi-Auto Shepherd's Hook is typically made of durable spring steel, which provides the necessary tension to securely hold the axis pins in place. Installation involves threading the Shepherd's Hook through the designated holes in the receiver and securing it over the axis pins, ensuring they remain in position.

Although small in size, the Shepherd's Hook is an essential component of the AK-47's operating system, ensuring the integrity and functionality of the firearm. Regular inspection and maintenance of this part are recommended to ensure proper retention of the axis pins and reliable operation of the rifle.