AK Hand Guard Locking Lever


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Firearm Fit:
AK Platform

Assembles on to rear sight block.

The AK Hand Guard Locking Lever is a critical component of the AK-47 rifle's handguard assembly, designed to secure the handguard in place and prevent it from shifting or becoming loose during use. This lever is typically located near the rear portion of the handguard and is used to lock it onto the rifle's gas tube.

When installing or removing the handguard on an AK-47 rifle, the locking lever is manipulated to release or engage the locking mechanism. By pressing or rotating the lever, the user can unlock the handguard, allowing it to be removed for maintenance, cleaning, or customization. Conversely, when the lever is engaged, it securely locks the handguard in place, ensuring a stable and reliable attachment to the rifle.

The AK Hand Guard Locking Lever is constructed from durable materials, such as steel or polymer, to withstand the rigors of firearm use and ensure long-lasting reliability. Its ergonomic design allows for easy operation, even when wearing gloves or under adverse conditions.

Proper installation and adjustment of the locking lever are essential to ensure that the handguard is securely attached to the rifle and does not move or shift during firing. Users should periodically inspect the lever and locking mechanism for wear or damage and replace any worn components as needed to maintain optimal performance.

Overall, the AK Hand Guard Locking Lever plays a crucial role in maintaining the stability and functionality of the AK-47 rifle's handguard assembly, providing users with a secure and reliable attachment method for their firearm's accessories.