AK_Gas Tube with Handguard


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Here are the specs

Firearm Fit:
  1. Gas Tube Function: The gas tube is an integral part of the AK's gas-operated system. It directs hot gases from the barrel to the gas piston, initiating the cycling of the action and facilitating the firing of subsequent rounds.

  2. Handguard Function: The handguard is a protective cover for the rifle's barrel and gas tube. It shields the shooter's hand from the heat generated during firing and provides a surface for gripping the rifle.

  3. Assembly: An AK Gas Tube with Handguard comes as a complete assembly, ensuring that the handguard is compatible and securely attached to the gas tube.

  4. Material: The gas tube and handguard are typically made of steel or other durable materials to withstand the heat and pressure generated during firearm operation.

  5. Finish: The finish on the gas tube and handguard may vary, with common options including blued, parkerized, or phosphate coatings. The finish provides protection against corrosion and enhances durability.

  6. Attachment: The gas tube is secured to the rifle's front trunnion and handguard retainer, and the handguard is attached to the gas tube. Proper installation is crucial for the reliable functioning of the firearm.

  7. Compatibility: When purchasing an AK Gas Tube with Handguard, it's essential to ensure compatibility with the specific AK variant you own. Different AK models may have variations in gas tube length and handguard design.