AK-74 Rear Trunnion - USA mfg.


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AK-74 Rear Trunnion - USA mfg.

Introducing the AK-74 Rear Trunnion - USA Manufactured, a premium component crafted with precision and care in the United States to enhance the performance and durability of your AK-74 rifle. Designed for those who appreciate American craftsmanship, this rear trunnion offers a reliable foundation for your firearm with the added benefit of being domestically produced.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the AK-74 Rear Trunnion - USA Manufactured meets stringent manufacturing standards to ensure durability and longevity. The precise engineering of this trunnion provides a solid connection between the receiver and stock, contributing to the overall stability and reliability of your AK-74.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with standard AK-74 variants, this USA-manufactured trunnion allows for a secure and precise fit, maintaining compatibility with the classic AK-74 design. Whether you are upgrading or building your AK-74, this component reflects the commitment to quality associated with American manufacturing.

Installation is straightforward, making it accessible to both seasoned enthusiasts and those new to firearm customization. By choosing the AK-74 Rear Trunnion - USA Manufactured, you not only invest in a component that enhances your rifle's performance but also support the craftsmanship and quality synonymous with products made in the United States.

Elevate your AK-74 with the reliability and precision of the AK-74 Rear Trunnion - USA Manufactured, a testament to American ingenuity and dedication to producing top-tier firearm components.