AK-47 Partial Safety Lever


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Firearm Fit:

The AK-47 Partial Safety Lever is a component designed to modify the standard safety selector lever on an AK-47 rifle. This aftermarket accessory allows for more versatile operation of the firearm by providing a partial or reduced safety engagement option.

Typically, the safety selector on an AK-47 rifle has two positions: safe and fire. However, with the addition of the partial safety lever, the user gains the ability to engage the safety in an intermediate position, allowing for a "half-safe" mode. In this position, the rifle is still partially safe, preventing the trigger from being pulled, but allowing the bolt carrier group to move freely. This enables the user to manipulate the action of the rifle, such as chambering a round or clearing a malfunction, without fully disengaging the safety.

The partial safety lever can be particularly useful in situations where quick manipulation of the rifle's action is required, while still maintaining a degree of safety. It provides greater flexibility and control over the firearm without compromising on safety protocols.

Installation of the AK-47 Partial Safety Lever typically requires disassembly of the rifle's trigger group and careful installation of the new lever. It is important to ensure proper fitment and functionality before using the modified firearm.

Overall, the AK-47 Partial Safety Lever is an aftermarket accessory that enhances the versatility and usability of the AK-47 rifle, providing shooters with additional options for safely manipulating their firearm in various situations.