AK-47 Handguard Anti-Rattle Spring


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Firearm Fit:

The AK-47 Handguard Anti-Rattle Spring is a small but essential component designed to reduce or eliminate the rattling noise commonly experienced with the handguards of AK-47 rifles. This spring is installed inside the handguard assembly and serves to apply tension against the handguard, thereby minimizing any movement or play between the handguard and the rifle's gas tube.

When firing or handling an AK-47 rifle, it is not uncommon for the handguards to produce a rattling noise due to the inherent design of the firearm. This rattling can be distracting and may affect the shooter's concentration or accuracy, especially during rapid fire or movement.

The AK-47 Handguard Anti-Rattle Spring addresses this issue by providing constant pressure against the handguard, ensuring a snug and secure fit. By reducing movement and vibration, the spring helps to maintain a quieter and more stable shooting platform, enhancing the overall shooting experience and comfort for the user.

Installation of the AK-47 Handguard Anti-Rattle Spring typically involves disassembling the rifle's handguard assembly and inserting the spring into the appropriate location. Proper installation ensures that the spring applies sufficient tension to effectively reduce rattling without interfering with the operation of the rifle.

Overall, the AK-47 Handguard Anti-Rattle Spring is a simple yet effective solution for minimizing noise and improving the fit of the handguards on AK-47 rifles. It offers shooters a quieter and more stable shooting platform, enhancing their ability to focus on the task at hand without distractions.

Fits between the handguard retainer and handguard. Not used on all AKs.