10/22 .22LR 50rd Black Dog Machine Drum


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Here are the specs

22 LR
Firearm Fit:
  • .22LR
  • Holds 50 rounds
  • Made of polycarbonate material
  • Features an interchangeable feed tower
  • Also fits Kel-Tec PLR .22, Sig 522, Tactical Solutions uppers, Model 1, M&A, and Spikes kits or uppers
  • Will not work with Puma PPS50, M261, Colt or DPMS kits, Carbon 15, or the S&W M&P 15-22


  • Drum Features: Built with an interchangeable feed tower, you can easily disassemble the drum, slide your 10-22 tower out and replace it with the new Black Dog AR-22 or S&W .22 feed towers.
  • All Black Dog drums are plug and play for semi-auto use. Black Dog Machine does not guarantee that the drum will work in full-auto setups; however, many customers report that with a little fine tuning they can get the drum to work in full-auto.

Manufacturer's Tips:

  • Recommended ammunition: Federal, CCI/Blazer, American Eagle. Use a round nosed bullet. Stay away from hollow points. Ammunition not listed will not feed well in this drum.
  • Bolt Drag: You will notice one side of the feed lip is taller than the other. Material has been added to accommodate those rifles built with higher cut mag wells. The last picture shows the feed lip without the modification. Depending on the rifle brand, the mag well could have a lower cut. This may cause “bolt drag." It is recommended to insert the drum into your rifle unloaded. Slowly pull the bolt back a few times to see if you are getting any bolt drag, mostly on the left feed lip (taller lip). If so, you can remove a small amount of material without affecting the performance of the drum. If a modification is necessary, be sure to modify only the corner that is shown with the arrows pointing to it. You can see how to correctly modify the feed lip in the next to last picture. The last picture shows the feed lip without the modification.
  • Spring Tension: If you come across feeding issues, the drum spring may be too tight causing ammo to rush up and out of the tower. You may also have feeding issues if the spring is too loose. Spring tension may also be required to adjust to your rifle’s bolt speed. The manual provided will guide you through disassembly and assembly.
  • Clear Rubber Bands: Each drum is assembled with one clear rubber band and two extra bands taped to the inside of the drum box provided.
  • Black Dummy Rounds: The plastic black dummy rounds are an important part of the drum assembly. They feed the ammo from the drum body to the tower. BDM does not recommend using dummy rounds as real bullets.
  • Winding Rotor: Pulling the rotor counter clockwise and letting go will most likely damage the drum. It can cause the internal followers to break.


Download product manual here.


Drum Winding Tip Video