HK Ball Dent Rear Sight


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HK Ball Dent Rear Sight

  1. Design: The drum or rotary-style rear sight on some HK firearms allows for easy and quick adjustments to the sight picture. It typically features a rotating drum with different apertures or settings for various distances.

  2. Ball Dent: The term "ball dent" may refer to a specific detent or ball-bearing mechanism within the sight that provides tactile feedback when adjusting the sight settings. This feature helps users feel and hear distinct clicks as they rotate the drum to different positions.

  3. Adjustment: The drum-style rear sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation, allowing the shooter to zero the firearm for a specific distance.

  4. Compatibility: Different HK models may have variations in their rear sight designs. It's important to ensure compatibility when replacing or upgrading rear sights on an HK firearm.

  5. Usage: Users typically rotate the drum to select the appropriate sight setting based on the target distance, making these sights suitable for a range of shooting scenarios.