Glock G23 Gen 3 .40Cal Parts Kit - Excellent Condition


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Here are the specs

40 S&W
Firearm Fit:
Glock G23 Gen 3
Country of MFG.:

The Glock G23 Gen 3 .40Cal Parts Kit is the perfect solution for gun enthusiasts looking to upgrade or maintain their Glock G23 Gen 3 pistol or compatible Frame. This parts kit is made up of Glock-manufactured high-quality components that are designed to last, ensuring that your Glock remains in excellent condition for years to come.

Whether you're a professional gunsmith or a novice enthusiast, this parts kit is easy to install and will provide you with the confidence you need to take your Glock to the range or out into the field. So if you're looking for a reliable, high-quality parts kit for your Glock G23 Gen 3, look no further.

Kit box size/type will vary.

This kit includes:

  • Slide
  • Barrel
  • Recoil spring assy
  • Firing pin
  • Spacer sleeve
  • Firing pin spring
  • Spring cups
  • Firing pin safety
  • Firing pin safety spring
  • Extractor
  • Extractor depressor plunger
  • Extractor depressor plunger spring
  • Spring-loaded bearing
  • Slide cover plate
  • Rear sight
  • Front sight
  • Mag catch spring
  • Mag catch
  • Slide lock spring
  • Slide lock
  • Locking block
  • Trigger mechanism housing
  • Connector
  • Trigger spring
  • Trigger with trigger bar
  • Slide stop lever
  • Trigger pin
  • Trigger housing pin
  • Locking block pin