Swiss G1911 7.5x55mm Straight Pull Rifle 30.79" Barrel - Good Surplus Condition - C&R Eligible


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Bolt Action
7.5x55mm Swiss
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30.79 in

Introducing the Swiss 1911, a classic 7.5x55mm rifle celebrated for its precision and historical significance. Crafted with meticulous Swiss engineering, this rifle seamlessly combines timeless aesthetics with exceptional accuracy. Whether you're an enthusiastic collector in pursuit of a prized piece of firearm history or a passionate shooting enthusiast craving a unique experience, the Swiss 1911 is your ideal choice. With its 7.5x55mm caliber, you can expect consistent performance across various shooting scenarios. Elevate your collection or enhance your shooting experience with this iconic representation of firearms heritage.

The Swiss K1911 and G1911 rifles are both variants of the Schmidt-Rubin design, which was a series of rifles used by the Swiss military for many years. The primary differences between the K1911 (Karabiner Model 1911) and the G1911 (Gewehr Model 1911) are related to their size, weight, and intended use.

Here are the main differences:

1. Designation:

  • K1911: "Karabiner" in this context essentially means "carbine," which is a term typically used for shorter rifles.

  • G1911: "Gewehr" translates to "rifle" and typically denotes a longer, full-length rifle.

2. Barrel Length and Overall Length:

  • K1911: Being a carbine, the K1911 has a shorter barrel and overall length compared to the G1911. The barrel length is usually about 59 cm (around 23 inches).

  • G1911: As a full-length rifle, the G1911 has a longer barrel, typically around 78 cm (approximately 30.7 inches).

3. Weight:

  • K1911: Due to its shorter size, the K1911 is somewhat lighter than the G1911.

  • G1911: Being a longer rifle, it's naturally heavier than its carbine counterpart.

4. Intended Use:

  • K1911: The shorter, more compact size of the K1911 made it more suitable for roles where a more maneuverable rifle was beneficial, such as for cavalry units, artillery troops, and other non-infantry roles.

  • G1911: The G1911 was more oriented towards infantry use, where the benefits of a longer barrel (like increased muzzle velocity and accuracy over distance) were more valuable.

5. Sights:

There might be minor differences in the sights due to the difference in barrel lengths, affecting the sight radius (the distance between the front and rear sights).

Both rifles utilize the straight-pull bolt action, which is a hallmark of the Schmidt-Rubin design. This design allows for quicker cycling of the bolt compared to traditional turn-bolt designs. Additionally, both the K1911 and G1911 are chambered for the 7.5x55mm Swiss cartridge, known for its accuracy and efficiency.

When collecting or shooting, the condition of the rifle, its bore, and the quality of ammunition are all factors to consider, regardless of whether you choose the K1911 or the G1911. Always ensure firearms are safely handled and maintained.

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  • 5
    Swiss G1911-Good condition

    Posted by Mark W Sawmiller on Mar 2nd 2024

    My G1911 was in good condition as advertised and the bore was mirror bright after cleaning out the protective bore grease. It shot well and the iron sights worked well for my older eyes. I am very pleased with this rifle.

  • 5
    Swiss 1911 rifle

    Posted by kd on Feb 11th 2024

    Received a first year 1911 rifle this week. Shipping was fast and the rifle was in great condition. All the serial numbers matched and bore was excellent. Only disappointment was the import mark. Crudely done and right on the side of the receiver towards the rear